4 Reasons Blogging Is The Best Choice For a Work From Home Business In 2014

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It’s easy to get a blog going these days; in fact, it’s never been easier. With advances in technology, a 12 year old could probably do it. Yes, seriously!

I bet you were thinking it was complicated to get a blog started. Not the case at all. 🙂

If you work at home, you need to know how relevant blogs are to a home business. Actually, a work from home business goes hand in hand with blogging so much that your business hinges and thrives on it.

Read on to find out why…

Blogging and Smart Marketing Strategies padandpencil

The social networks and sharing sites are “one of the most used” vehicles of getting your name out there.

However, I think that blogging is the most efficient way of attaching a name to a business, period. Even though, social network marketing is predominant in getting traffic to a business; there are four major reasons why blogging is the most valuable asset in embracing your market.

They Are As Follows…

* Blogging builds the most credibility and trust to your readers.
* Blogging establishes a relationship with your readers
* Blogging delegates awareness about your services and products
* Blogging is the most influential way to get your readers engaging in discussions

There are some excellent platforms you can use to get a blog up and running. Listed below are the most used


Both Blogger.com and WordPress.org are free to get started with. However, I must rephrase about WordPress.org. WP.org is free after you have a blog hosted, which is very reasonable at quite a few places on the web. One of the best ones is Hostgator.

Happy Blogging!


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