6 Tips On Writing Quality Content For Your Affiliate Products And Services

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Getting started in affiliate marketing has a huge learning curve for most individuals. However, for (some people), they are naturals as affiliates.

Can you make a full time income by writing killer content for your favorite affiliate programs?

Yes, you sure can! I have several business associates that have made a good-sized income just by selling other people’s products and services. They know exactly how to write killer ad copy, articles and surefire call to actions! Would you like to be a super affiliate? Would you like to be one that brings in several hundreds of dollars consistently every week? It’s definitely a possibility! 🙂

In general, I don’t consider myself a super affiliate. The reason is simply due to the fact that over the years I’ve not spent a great deal of time on affiliate marketing. Even though, I’ve had my share of affiliate sales; my energy has been more on being a work at home consultant and writer. You never know what the future may hold though.

Below you’ll find the steps that need to be taken to be able to write quality content for selling affiliate products

1) To be a natural at getting those sales, you need to have first-hand experience with the specific products and/or services you are selling. It’s significantly more difficult to bring in the sales if you don’t personally know and support the selling products. Write about how beneficial they would be to your readers.

2) Do you know your target market, and (specifically why) they would desire what you are representing. Knowing who your audience is is basically half the battle at succeeding with affiliate marketing. In addition, having the knowledge of who you are writing for gives you a certain perspective on the direction (of your writing).

3) Writing consistently and posting content on a daily basis is vital to your affiliate income. If you do this, you WILL see results rather quickly. Always remember; consistency is key! Strive for writing something of substance that your readers truly want and something that’s relevant, and you’ll continue to get repeated traffic daily.

4) Writing reviews is another excellent way to add relevant content to your blog. Write specifically about what your readers will gain from using the products or services that are being sold. Share your personal experiences with your visitors. Share all pertinent information and concentrate on writing positive reviews.

5) Using photos in your posts seem to attract more visitors. Try and use your own photos (ones that you personally take with your own camera or cell phone). Photos give your posts a more personal touch and also help with emphasizing certain points. When using photos, always fill in the “alt” tags for SEO purposes. The photos without SEO tags will go unnoticed by Google.

Below are a few places to obtain images for free, however, it is your job to always read guidelines

http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons Avoid finding images with copy rights, do the Flickr “advanced search.”


http://www.morguefile.com/ Click on the “free” options

http://www.sxc.hu/ Again, read their guidelines

For most of my blog posts, I try and create my own photos. I have 3 programs I use on my PC. I use Printmaster Platinum, Scrapbook Factory and Banner Designer Pro. I also use “paint” on my PC for mostly resizing photos to fit the width of my blogs. However, paint can do a number of things.

6) Writing stellar email content for products you are pitching is essential for your success in affiliate marketing. Almost every business has an email list. However, there are some affiliate programs that don’t allow this type of marketing. Again, read, read and read again, the fine print, always! A combination of using the social medias and email promotion is essentially the most popular in marketing today.

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