Does Writing Talent Get You There?

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  First of all, let’s define “there” in the title…   The word “there” will mean many things to various writers; as we all want different rewards and accomplishments from our written work. Some of us may just want to write successful blogs while others desire the whole pie in the sky-book signing concept with many novels written and sold….

Apprehension or Inspiration: How Do You Approach New Article Content?

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All writers experience a little bit of both, (apprehension and inspiration) from time to time. Writers wouldn’t be human if they were not apprehensive every now and then; it’s indeed natural to experience uncertainty about your writing throughout your writing adventures, projects and achievements. Did you know that apprehension brings forth growth to writers just as inspiration does? Learning various…

Afraid of Rejection?

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I’d say I stare at a blank page approximately 90% of my writing sessions. Ideas for articles, reviews and blog posts are coming to me with less difficulty now that I allow myself to just sit and write. I don’t care how it sounds or looks at the time I’m writing. I do the same thing with titles. I just…

Who Inspires Or Has Inspired Me To Write?

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        I’ve had to think carefully about all the many work at home business associates and friends that have crossed my path in the last 12 years. Some have been good friends, some have been good business associates, and others have been BOTH. However, they have ALL influenced me on my turbulent journey to making money online…