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Last month my husband and I went to Florida for a much needed vacation. (One) of the reasons I wanted to go on this vacation in the first place was to gain some perspective on some important business choices for 2013. And yes, I came home with some new ideas, and also made some vital decisions about my home business. Sitting on a beach with the waves dancing in front of you can certainly clear the mind in an instant!

A significant portion of this new perspective had to do with my passion for freelance writing. A brand new year is definitely an ideal time for me to reach out and grab all the dreams I had thought about over the past 10 years. To heck with dreaming, it was time to take the steps to actually doing! 🙂

I wanted to somehow take some of my life experiences and write about them.

Well, the ones that frequently resurface the many pages of my mind, that is…

Making an income writing is something that I’ve thought of often throughout my whole adult life. But, could I actually do it? A few years back, I often pondered this thought with fear and uncertainty, (and still do at times). However, I can now realistically think about it with a lot less fear than the years behind me.

While currently making a nice, and sometimes “small” handful of cash with my writing, I have come to the realization that I would really love to branch out and write for magazines. Yes, I can openly write about this now and admit this to the world without embarrassment and fear. There, I said it! :p

You see, I’ve watched others converse about being published on various social medias and recently just thought to myself; “Why not me? I can certainly do it too!” And I know that I would kick myself in the butt if I should die without trying! lol

Writing for magazines is just one of the many goals I’ve put into action for this year. There are others that I’ll be working on consistently.

God knows my heart, and if it’s His will to give me success with my writing in this way, it will happen

Watching those waves also led me to write a ton of article titles. They are safely tucked away for easy reference. Even writing a book on a biography about myself came to mind. Hmm, now I’ll have to carefully think about this one! Imagine that! lol

Of course there are many, many other ways to clear your mind for compassing article ideas and titles. Clearing your mind can also be achieved by working out, taking a brisk walk, meditating, taking a day off from work or just by taking a long, hot shower.

I just wanted to share my experience with (how I) was able to make a few important business decisions and walk away from my vacation with fresh ideas and new perspectives

Please feel free to share your own ideas on how YOU get inspiration for article and content ideas!

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