Does Writing Talent Get You There?

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First of all, let’s define “there” in the title…


The word “there” will mean many things to various writers; as we all want different rewards and accomplishments from our written work. Some of us may just want to write successful blogs while others desire the whole pie in the sky-book signing concept with many novels written and sold.

For writers, “there” means anything they want to achieve for arriving at success. Like I stated above, that could mean many things. Some people just write for the enjoyment of it! However, there’s nothing wrong about that. 🙂

As for me, I’m happy with obtaining online writing gigs with my talent such as article writing, blog posting, website, and product reviews, etc.

In addition, magazine writing would be nice to add to my successes.

So say, for example, YOU wanted to break into the magazine markets; would talent alone get you to that state of success? Highly doubtful! You would certainly need other characteristics to make it in the magazine publishing world; as most any other writing goals you have. Writing talent can only get you so far; perhaps halfway.

Let’s take a close look at what is needed (other than talent) to be a good writer for whatever you wanted to achieve

Social Media Marketing – Since the entire planet is on Twitter and Facebook, those are probably the best places to start marketing your writing skills. Of course, you will need to follow the right people for this type of marketing to be effective. You need to be following other writers. You also need to follow website owners; preferably new site owners that need fresh content. Interact with other writing home business associates.

Good Research Skills and Sites – If you are talented with getting something fresh and relevant written, you are essentially half way to your success level. However, there will be times that a client will require content that you lack knowledge about. For this, you will need good research skills. You will need to know the specifics on where to search. Of course, is and always will be my starting point for good searches.

Below are some other good research sites is always a good place for research; however, always double check for concrete facts. is another excellent resource for researching. This site doesn’t depend on certain algorithm like Google and other top search engines do. is an extremely high-traffic forum to gather information on anything work from home/home business.

Another nice technique for projects that you are not time-challenged would be to do a poll on the social network sites. Ask your business associates various questions and opinions on your required topics.

Discipline – This could be a tough one. However, the truth of the matter is you DO have to acquire some substantial discipline in order to make it as a writer (both online and offline), like anything else. Always be on the look out for any new ideas to write about. Make writing something you do on a daily basis!

Also strive for unique ideas to better-promote your writing. This could be through a unique website or blog…or perhaps a video. Make it your mission to market yourself daily. It would be in your best interest to plan out a writing schedule for your work and strive to stick to it.

The upcoming summer months will be a challenge; make sure and fit some “me” time into your schedule too

Obviously, you’re no good to yourself or your writing career if you don’t take care of YOU!

During your planned schedule, don’t let distractions pull you out of writing and marketing your freelance writing services.

Motivation – You should have something close by at all times to keep you motivated. A journal is excellent for this. Your motivation could also be a favorite photo or sign. You can even use a monitor screen wallpaper for your motivation. Various books work well for this too.

Joining a writing challenge is another powerful motivator. However, a challenge is not for everyone.

Whatever works to get you motivated about working and writing, I say, “Do it!”

I love the days when I can have my window open in my office. Peering out my window is an excellent motivator for me. 🙂

Sometimes, I use actual writing sessions (those rare times when the words flow generously without effort) to motivate myself. I’m constantly working on having more of these productive writing sessions.

So, there you have it…

You can have all the talent in the world, however, that is not quite enough to be a successful, published writer. I hope the tips above have helped you.

Keep Writing! 🙂

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