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Sometimes article content ideas just don’t come easily, I get that…been there!

Many of you can relate, right?

Now believe me when I say, I’m an excessively cautious driver…don’t ask!! 😉 My son says I’m a Grandma driver! lol However, with good reason.

Don’t ask! Did I mention that??

I don’t know why, but article writing content comes naturally to me while I’m driving. It’s nothing for me to come home with 2 or 3, (and sometimes more) article ideas.

I’ve been known to jot down ideas as I’m actually driving, although of course, not the safest thing to be doing while operating an automobile on the freeway! lol

I have even pulled over on the shoulder, and with my trusty writing notebook; quickly scribbled down my string of thoughts before they left my head.

I have other moments when ideas flow easily, however, nothing compared to when I’m driving.

When I go out for errands or something in my car, I escape my routine-day-to-day work schedule, and as a result, I do a complete brain dump.

Imagine what I could accomplish if I took those kinds of breaks more often during any given day?!

Needless to say, I always have a small pad of paper in my car! 🙂

I welcome any ideas and thoughts on where YOU get your writing content ideas from…and more specifically, WHEN?

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