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A post such as this one is difficult to approach. Just for the record, staring at a blank screen is the most frustrating aspect of being a work at home writer. All that white space looming before you and all the delete, delete is stressful.

Just thought you’d like to know my thoughts about that. lol

Although some writers don’t find the beginning of a writing project challenging. So, maybe it’s the ending? To be honest, it’s a mix of both for me.

Family and Holidays

Ironically, being glued to a chair in a hospital is so tiring. Why is that? Try it for 2 straight weeks, including Christmas. It’s all the stress and worry that’s tiring. 😉

Something else that was taxing was playing musical chairs with an (not my word choices, old and decrepit) brother! There were 2 reclining chairs; however, the mechanics of 1 of those chairs definitely was not its greatest feature!

Oh, but the doughnuts in the cafeteria made up for the times that I was in the mechanic-challenged one. :/ LOL…however, not funny since I need a cholesterol check in a few weeks! Oops! 😉

So where is all this babbling going?! Yes, I had to add a touch of humor to this post. 🙂

Seriously folks, my dad was in the hospital, (not just 1, but 2), hospitals that is. He went in the ER the Friday before Christmas with severe congestive heart failure. Making a long story short, he needs a heart valve replaced.

Turns out, Dad is not a good fit for the procedure of reparing this heart valve, (even the less invasive procedure). His age and other health issues are the conflicts for that.



Of course, I didn’t host Christmas nor did I take the 3 weeks I intended to continue on the eBook the end of last year.

In addition, if I hadn’t gone through the procrastination last year (there is a whole section on this in the book) I know I would have finished the project a long time ago and also would have had it available on Kindle. 🙂

It’s all outlined with quite a few of the pages written. I just keep adding to it; that’s also (some) of the problem basically of getting it done. What I need to do is call it quits on further content/pages. I intend to write other eBooks so I can save many topics for other books.

From today and through the process of the project completion, I now have called it quits on adding more content to it; as I’ll for sure need more content later on for other eBooks. 😉

For now, my dad comes first this year, as he is on hospice, and I’ll go from there. It was surely a sad day when we found out he wasn’t getting the valve replaced. I’ve left it in God’s hands.


As for the completion of my project/eBook, (I’ve said this before, and to be honest, it’s become a rather embarrassing matter with me now), it will be there and I’ll get it done. I’m taking it one day at a time. I also need to spend some time with Dad now.

What I Have To Do!

I have to have a positive outlook and some real motivation to keep writing (in general)! After things progress, I’ll need some time. <3 Then I'll have to dig deep down inside myself and forge ahead with my writing and get things done. Something I’ve learned: I answer to one person ONLY regarding my business writing goals…and that person is ME! However, sometimes it’s necessary to openly make goals for my business. It helps quite often with accountability. 🙂

I’m excited about my business for 2015!


Tammy Embrich is a full time freelance writer, Avon Representative, and a compassionate blogger. She is also the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren. You can visit Tammy at Grandparenting Articles and Tips and Makeup Products Online, where you can buy Avon online.

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