Keyboard or Pen – Is There a Right or Wrong Way of Writing?

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Absolutely not! Although, there are variables. :o)

I love writing on my iPad, LOVE IT! Although, I still find myself (first) writing on paper at times. It just depends on how I’m feeling OR where I’m at when that writer’s light bulb goes off in my head; and that can literally be anywhere! If you essentially love to write, then you certainly know where I’m coming from. Granted, I don’t write this way often; however at times, I just feel the need to. I have my writing journal close by at all times.

I vividly remember this specific topic being discussed with many of my business associates on one of the forums I visited frequently. We voiced a mix of replies and opinions on how to write, or how we are supposed to write.

Some of them found it refreshing to be away from their keyboard working environment when writing. And others strictly wrote first on keyboard.

Getting away from work can essentially bring about a new perspective or unique twist on old articles or ideas; or, something brand new.

If you’re reading this article and you always write on keyboard; try writing first on paper. Move away from your work space entirely. If you love coffee, grab your favorite journal and visit a Starbucks; or perhaps work on your couch or deck.

Take notice how creative you feel and how the words flow. Do the words come to you effortlessly? If it’s a good experience, well then you just found a more productive way of writing! Quite a few writers think this is a waste of time and virtually double work.

Well…not necessarily; If you can produce an article in no time on paper, you’re that much ahead of your writing session, correct?

Think of it this way!

If you’re out and about and wait to write until you can access your keyboard, well guess what? You just may lose those magic words that’s formed in your head that needs to be written in the mean time. Not good! :p

You control your writing process and what works best for you, just as long as you keep writing.

So, what is it for you, do you write first on keyboard or on paper? I’d like to hear what you have to say.


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