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Doing videos is NOT writing work! Well, for me…it is! You see, I can’t just set up my camera and talk. I tried that, it didn’t work. LOL

I wish I was blessed with the EASY out-pouring of words without even thinking about them. Well…let’s rephrase. lol… You DO need to think when you’re trying to do a proper video; with any type of business you’re wanting to market.
However, some folks are just blessed with a special knack for looking into a camera and letting the words flow easily. I am not one of those people!

I end up making a large number of notes; and then, worry about if people can see me reading. Of course they can, and that’s OK! At least, that’s what I’ve realized recently. It’s just OK. 🙂 lol

My lighting isn’t perfect; that’s OK too.

There is a great deal of effort into writing down the words I want to say during my videos, and sort of HOW I WANT TO SAY THEM. Only to realize, I want to sound natural (of course), and sometimes they just come out so different than I planned. I DO (at times) get on a good or not ramble….and think; wow, that was pretty good! lol :p

My plan was to do at least (1) video per week. Since making that goal, I’ve kept very close to accomplishing it. 🙂

I love Avon products, and I feel good about selling it. The videos just kind of slipped in by pure accident.

Let’s Put It This Way

I didn’t sign on with Avon with the idea of video reviews. Once I signed up….and as I watched various entrepreneurs do their thing on camera; it was then that I decided to just do it! I have secretly. (always) wanted to do them. Was I kidding myself? No, not a decade or
so later! lol

I even bought myself one of those selfie sticks and (floor) tripods, thinking it was cool and it would inspire me. lol It did, however, a few months later, I found a tiny tripod from Avon…and cheap too, met my needs much more than the previous (2) products.

I do them on my kitchen counter 😉

That small 6-7 inch tripod is only $7.99!

You can grab one Here

Has Doing The Videos Accomplished Anything?

Yes! It is slowly bringing my Avon Blog up higher in search engines. And…it has proven that I can do videos…small thing to some, however, a big thing to me.

Are they perfect? Not by a long shot! – Nothing is.

I think my angle has improved over time!!! lol … I look back on my earlier ones and think, WOW, was not great! A lot of them, looking down.

Maybe my zone will get a bit more comfortable. 🙂

You can watch and subscribe Here


Tammy Embrich is a full time freelance writer, Avon Representative, and a compassionate blogger. She is also the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren. You can visit Tammy at Grandparenting Articles and Tips and Makeup Products Online, where you can buy Avon online.

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