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For many writers, the task of proofing article content can be overwhelming. It used to be for me, however, after experimenting with it repeatedly, it became instinctual. Although, very long, detailed content can be somewhat cumbersome still. Something that’s been a stickler for me; I’m always thinking to myself what others think, (in regards to perfection). I know, such a time waster!

Writing good content is of course your number one priority. In retrospect, if it’s half prooved, how good is that content?

Below are 7 things (I do) to proof my articles

* After completing an article, I always print mine out and reprieve from my office space altogether, relax and read it slowly; structuring appropriate corrections here and there. If something doesn’t sound right, I change it. I always check fluidity first. You want your content to flow naturally for your readers.

* I then check for spelling; I run my article through many spelling and grammar checkers. I don’t depend on just one. I’ll cover a few of those links in just a bit.

* I read my article out loud. I know a lot of writers that do this. Most often, you get a much better perspective when reading your content out loud instead of silently. In addition, recording yourself reading your article may help.

* I always use my Roget’s Super Thesaurus when replacing over-used, typical words. This is one of the customary elements that I enjoy about writing. I love playing around with WORDS.

* I make sure my content is not copied. Even if I’m certain I didn’t copy from others and the written content is my own; I still check it, and double check! I try my best not to use idioms excessively, (and I’ve done so in the past). Using them excessively can get you into trouble. Often times, idioms are reported as copied content. It’s just best not to use them at all!

* Usually, I let my articles set to review the next day. However, I have written some of my content and published them on the same day. Although, not too often.

* I made a list of certain errors that I tend to make often, and I confirm that list as I’m writing. Wordiness is on top of that list; looking back on some of my articles, I’ve realized some have been over-written. Keeping your content concise is always favorable to your audience. Your readers want information, and they want it quick; they don’t want to have to scroll endlessly to find it. ;p

Here is a list of spell and grammar checkers that I use often. I also run my content through Copyscape. (I use the paid version on this one)



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