Online Writing Opportunities – 10 Legitimate Types of Writing Jobs For 2017

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For a work from home blogger or anyone with a home business, they all have something in common.


Can you guess what that is? =)

They desperately need written content…like, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Day in and day out, these people need content to keep the traffic coming in to their blog or website consistently to earn income online. Simple as that!

Their world revolves around blog posts, sales pages, eBooks, email messages and autoresponders, website content, etc.

Writers will always be in big demand; and most of these are jobs from home.


What about having experience or skill sets for these online writing opportunities?

There are many people working from home that doesn’t require YOU to have experience. However, there are many that do require skill sets/experience/writing capabilities.

It really depends on how they know you, your web presence…and that doesn’t mean you HAVE to have a web presence to land any of the below opportunities. It could be just being a friend of someone that needs some writing done. You may also find someone that will train you…yes, it’s possible.

There are all types of opportunities out there for 2017. Just because (you don’t think) you have the experience needed; please don’t close your mind off to a particular writing opportunity you’ve been thinking about.

If YOU have been working online for a while, and you own a blog or website, chances are you will have the experience for these at home writing opportunities.

Below are the 10 writing opportunities anyone can apply for

* Blog Writer
* Resume Writer
* Joint Venture Writer
* Press Release Writer
* Review Writer
* Affiliate Writer
* Ghostwriter
* Virtual Assistant Writer
* Social Media Writer
* Content Mill Writer

Here’s something to think about – You can always take courses for any of the above writing jobs. If you want to make money online with any of the above ventures bad enough, taking courses would surely benefit you.

That last one listed above…

I have written for an online content mill that I’ve made easy and fast money with.

That content mill I’m referring to is Textbroker 🙂

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