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If you have online writing opportunities carved out in front of you for various clients, gratitude should be permanently stamped on your forehead as a reminder each day to be grateful. Of course, I’m referring to the private client type. You should be grateful for the paid gigs; as that is a given.

Although, not all freelance writing jobs and opportunities are paid ones

I have not been motivated to write for the first half of this month (July) for some reason. Currently, I’ve just been in a (funk…for lack of a better word). However, after doing some research this past weekend and also being accepted to write a blog post for a well established blog site with a considerable extent of a following, my motivation seems to be back on track. Sort of like a fresh start with approaching my writing capabilities. Glad that specific flunk was short-lived!


If you have a goal to be a freelance writer, you should do everything in your power to make sure that happens. The whole pie in the sky is the limit; as there are certainly a lot of (ever-green), online writing opportunities out there. Read, write, study and learn!

My motivation post for the month!

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