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There’s a right way and a wrong way of marketing your freelance writing services on the social networks. Of course, the big spammers are not aware of this. If they only knew that they are doing some detrimental harm to their business and their over-all web presence by spamming their affiliate links and sites.


Unfortunately, they will never get it!





I’ve personally tried to help a few folks and tried telling them their approach at getting traffic and sales will simply not work! Did they listen? Of course not! And so, they keep on spamming the social networks.


I would think somewhere along the line, they would finally get the hint!

There are 4 major tips for branding yourself on the social platforms (the right way, without spamming)

Social medias are the ideal places on the web to get yourself and your freelance writing services out there. It is my job today to tell you about the 4 most vital social networking tips.

1. Know Your Target Market

If you are not aware about what I mean by this, you seriously need to take some crash courses online or offline, or both. 😉 Knowing your target market, (the audience that is interested in your specific industry or niche) is the most important element in promoting your online writing work. These are the people that visit your website or blog.

You need to know specifically what THEY need and are searching for. Once you figure that out, start writing content that will answer your market’s questions and concerns. Give them the knowledge they long for that will give them a solution to their problems and concerns. Once your posts are completed, post them on the social networks you use the most. I happen to think Twitter and Facebook are the most widely used networks, however, that is my opinion. Post on your favorite social sites consistently, whatever they happen to be.

By doing this, you will gain visitors that will want to click on your site over and over again

2. Fill In Your Profile

Include as much information as you can safely share on your profiles. It’s ideal to share your (real name) and not just a nickname or screen name. Providing your real name gives others permission to look you up to find out what you’re all about and what you have to offer the online world. Also, sharing your real name will leave the door open for others to find out even more about you and where some more of your content will show up. If you have a squeaky clean reputation online, it will shine through with your name attached.

Include what your primary occupation is and the best way to get in touch with you. I happen to think that adding a photo is extremely important. It shows you are a genuine person.

3. Be a Generous Soul

Be generous and always provide any and all tips to your followers. Be consistent with this other than GETTING or GAINING information and tips or advice for yourself. This is truly a remarkable tip that will show others you are there on the social networks for a reason, and that reason is not to be selfish and do all the taking. Always be generous and helpful to your followers.

Your followers will soon begin to click on your links and posts to find out where all your advice and knowledge comes from. It works like a charm…I encourage you to try it for theory.

4. Share Writing Tips For Success

Throughout your writing journey, I’m sure you’ve learned quite a few writing and publishing tips and advice. Promote yourself through sharing this information. You’ve gleaned a wealth of good stuff through your writing endeavors. Share them with your business associates. You will soon receive a good following from those that want to accomplish the same thing that you have with your writing journey.

The secret to your success as a writer is sharing. Be consistent and always provide what you know and what you’ve learned. The followings will happen and with those followers; there will be clients nestled in with the bunch. It’s only a matter of time.

Have patience and keep on sharing what you know with the social networks!

Also, and as a reminder; Lynn Terry from has a lot to offer regarding social media. Learn more by visiting her Social Marketing Results website. Excellent leader in her niche, and excellent advice! You need this information to essentially get in front of your market and to appropriately brand your business for success. 🙂

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