Testimonials and References


“Working with Tammy has been wonderful and why I’ve worked with her numerous times. She’s been great at conducting research and writing articles in my unique voice while adding her own flavor. Her prices are just right and she always delivers on time! I highly recommend her!”
Eddy Salomon




I’ve known Tammy Embrich as an online friend for quite some time. She has a wonderful attitude, is positive and uplifting, and is a true joy to know. I’ve also hired Tammy to write for me and would do so again without reservation. She is a great weaver of words as well as a professional.

In this business of marketing online where the written word is crucial to success, good writing is fundamental. A writer must be able to get her point across, do so clearly and concisely, and show relatively good English skills in the process. Tammy does all of that and more.

As to professionalism, I’ve found that especially hard to come by. And I’ve worked with a LOT of writers over the years. Just as I won’t work with a writer who can’t write well, I won’t work with a writer who is unprofessional. The ability to keep a positive attitude under stress, to meet deadlines as assigned and to accept that writing must be sometimes be edited or rewritten, is key.

When I say that Tammy Embrich is both a good writer and professional, that’s about the highest compliment I can pay her. I can truly recommend her services wholeheartedly and without reservation because I’ve used them and I know the quality of work Tammy offers.

Darlene ‘Dee’ Bishop




It’s been my pleasure to work with Tammy for several years now. This accomplished, professional writer is so friendly and easy to work with. She is patient, resourceful and goes out of her way to represent with great quality. I know that when I’m working with Tammy, our project will display the excellence that comes naturally from a talented collaboration.

I value our work partnership, our friendship and encourage anyone, who expects value, efficiency and skill, to look to Tammy. You will not be disappointed.

Karlyn C.




I was very pleased with the article writing Tammy produced for a popular website that needed fresh, professional and original content regularly.

I would be happy to work with her again and so should you!

Lori Redfield, ROI