Top (2) Marketing Resources For Any Work At Home Online Business

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First of all, I put it right out there for you. I don’t sugar coat, and I don’t promise you money making results. We are all unique individuals; some catch on right away with marketing resources and advice and others find their own way in time.

However, marketing online is not that difficult.

Once you know your way around the Internet, have gotten your blog/website set up, and also, decided “who” your audience will be, it is then that you begin with your marketing style.

The way I see it….


There are two “straight forward” marketing resources that all online businesses desperately need in order to profit.

Can you guess what they are?

It’s simple once you begin thinking about it. Yes, it is!! =) Although, you certainly need a good attitude to begin with.
If you don’t have that, stop reading! There are no “Easy Rides” here. You have to work hard to begin to see positive results and profit.

So…can you guess what (2) things you’re going to need to profit?

* 1 Your First Impressions, and Your Reputation – Both in good standing
* 2 Reputable Social Media Presence and Good Social Media Marketing Skills


Yes, those first impressions do count! They count in every aspect of your business

* What does your website convey about YOU and your business?
* What does your Twitter page convey about YOU and your business?
* What does your Facebook page convey about YOU and your business?
And so on??

Despite what you may think…

Fellow business friends and associates DO pay attention to this; as it’s wrapped up in your business. Your professionalism shines through with your personality on your websites/blogs…and the social media places you hang out and promote from.

Social Media – If you work at home, the social media websites can be one of the best cornerstones of your business. However, there is a proper way of building your credibility on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Social media etiquette means so very much to your business and online reputation. You should always treat your fellow business associates with the best of respect and kindness. Furthermore, always treat others in the same way you would like to be treated in return. Also, keep your website and affiliate links to a minimal.

Concentrate more on networking and getting to know others that will benefit you

Don’t follow just ANYONE because it may make you look good on your followings. In addition, doing this can get you into trouble with spamming. (I don’t think you want to be known as a spammer do you)?? 😉

* Always promote yourself by leaving links all over your pages, then leave and don’t interact with ANYONE! [WRONG]!!!
* Always promote yourself in the right way by conversing with fellow business associates and friends. Ask them questions. Answer questions. Share your links sparingly and spread your knowledge. Positive interaction is highly encouraged! [RIGHT]!!!

Nice Quote Shared: – “Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” – Susan Cooper


Tammy Embrich is a full time freelance writer, Avon Representative, and a compassionate blogger. She is also the proud grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren. You can visit Tammy at Grandparenting Articles and Tips and Makeup Products Online, where you can buy Avon online.

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