Upcoming Ebook – Titled A Sneak Peek Of How I Personally Earn My Income Online

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The above title is not permanently carved in stone yet.

I’ve been excited about writing this eBook for quite some time now. Two full years to be exact! 🙂

I’ve also been determined to get it DONE (this year). However, that did not happen. I made myself a personal goal to get it done before January 1st, 2014…preparing myself to pull some all-nighters if need be. Well the all-nighters didn’t go as planned. :p

We’ve been incredibly busy this year with quite a few personal things. Some health issues in our family developed …and it’s just been a whirl-wind of a year!! Some stress and exhaustion have resulted.

For some added stress, we recently realized that our cat was seriously ill. I won’t go into the details of that here.

Does all this grant permission for a valid excuse for NOT getting it done? YES, and NO! lol

I’ll honestly say approximately 30% of the reason is fear of failure, and pushing it aside for another day. While this eBook will be very personal, there is still some concern from a business view point.


This eBook will be an up close and personal confession of exactly how I make money online

I will include some proof of payments as well 😉

There are various ways I’ve been able to supplement my husband’s income. It’s been a long journey getting where I am with my success; starting with my search in 1999! 😉

It goes beyond my work at home writing jobs and income, there are many other ways I’ve been able to stay afloat with my business.

As a bonus…,

I also will be sharing some simple and, fast ways for beginners to legitimately earn money online. 🙂

Making money in my home office has been a great luxury. However, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. Despite of what some people may think, simplicity and ease as the everyday grind of “make money from home” doesn’t mean the process is not stressful and difficult at times. I’ve had to take all the good with the bad…it’s like any other job, online and offline.

Stay tuned here on the blog..2017 will be an exciting and prosperous year! I will be doing some serious writing, and getting it done! 🙂

Having said all that, I will be taking a long break until the dawn of the new year. I need some down-time with my wonderful family, (and grandkids). Then I will regroup next year with an organized business plan, completely geared for success. I have a ton of ideas for upcoming writing projects, gigs, additional eBooks and blog posts.

The eBook will be available on Kindle

I hope all of you have a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year! My tip for all of you is simple…KEEP WRITING! 🙂

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