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Work at home writing jobs and opportunities are everywhere you look on the world wide web. They are primarily evergreen, so freelance writing is an ideal career choice when considering working from home. When you begin writing, you most certainly need to obtain a rather large dose of motivation and discipline. When you have that along with a positive attitude, it will speak volumes through all your online writing projects.

Passion and purpose also play a huge role in the writing industry regarding success. You definitely need a deep passion and also need to know your purpose and specifically whom you are writing for. What target market will you be trying to reach? Who will be reading your writing? Being aware of whom your audience is and what your niche will be needs to be taken into careful thought before you even begin.

Once you figure out your writing niche and know whom you are writing for then you can begin to start writing and also begin to build your reputation. The ideal place to start would be on your own blog. As the writing process grows, you will need to display your best work and postings on that blog as well as writing samples. A good list of references and testimonials should follow from experience.

Show Up For Freelance Writing Jobs – Consistently Build Your Reputation WHERE?

Your number one priority is consistently building upon your reputation. An excellent place to continue building on that reputation and marketing yourself is on the social media networks. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are all excellent places to do this. This is where most of the planet is on, including your clients.

If you’re a writer, you basically need to be on every social media network that you can handle. They are your core locations for landing the ideal writing gig just for you, and many more.

As a freelance writer, you will be looking for bloggers, other freelance writers, publishers, and basically anyone that would be searching for writers. When you first begin networking on the social sites, you need to slowly get in the habit of lending your best writing tips, advice, blog posts and article content samples. As your writing collection grows, so will your reputation.

Practice Sharing BENEFITS For Your Customers – GIVE More Than Take

Share what the benefits would be if a prospect customer were to hire you to write for them. You will need to meet those prospects half way and share what you can do FOR THEM, and not the other way around. Be consistent and share tips, strike up interesting conversations and practice proper etiquette on the various social medias. This is all about building YOUR reputation as a good writer.

Be specifically vague on social media about pricing. The idea is to get them on your blog or website first. Then share and lead them to what you charge for your freelancing services. It’s important to pay careful attention on what your competitors are doing and also their pricing, and price accordingly.

Once you’ve experienced the craft of writing for a good while, you will find it to be an excellent way to make an honest income online. It can be considerably rewarding if you go about spreading your reputation to your prospect clients in the correct way.

In addition and as a warning, generously spreading your web and blog links in a spammy way will not benefit your success at all. Take ample time and really get to know (and learn) from others…as this is the most popular and beneficial way to go about sharing your services, gaining loyal customers, and growing your reach. Your efforts with social media results will pay off tenfold.

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